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Berkeley Technologies provides economical and safe automobiles and logistic solutions for construction industry. The construction industry needs powerful, versatile and reliable automobiles for tough duties on construction sites.

Our solutions are:

  • Built for heavy loads
  • Flexible for different tasks
  • Convenient and safe in hazardous environments
  • I-Shift automated transmissions available
  • First-class ergonomics
  • High torque flexible engines
  • Good visibility

Our product line fits the needs of today’s producers. Continuous-mix plants come in portable, relocatable and stationary versions. Batch plants are engineered to fit a variety of needs and complete line of plants, its range of capacities and features, give our customers the choices and flexibility to create their optimum solution.

We cover our customers needs with our concrete batching plants in different capacities and specifications.

We have a wide range of Concrete Batching Plants which have production capacity from 16 m³/h to 175 m³/h with one mixer. In addition to this, the capacity can be 200 m³/h, 270 m³/h, 300 m³/h and 350 m³/h in Stationary Concrete Batching Plants with double mixers on the same chassis.

Our Concrete Batching Plants are mostly preferred for high capacity concrete production requirements, for special projects and for the projects which will take a long time in the same location.

Our Concrete Batching Plants are the products having high quality and advanced technology and provide below given advantages to the concrete producers:

  • High Production Performance
  • High Quality and Precise Concrete Production (with Fully Automated
  • Computerized Control System)
  • Different Layout Options according to Customer Requirements
  • Possibility for Different Kinds of Concrete Production with Different
  • Type of Mixers
  • Reliable Components
  • Conformity with International Standards
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Operating Costs

Our asphalt and soil compactors help to undertake any compaction job. Our Asphalt Rollers have been designed to help you deliver maximum productivity, density, and smoothness on compaction projects. These reliable double drum machines are simple to operate and are designed with many innovative features that provide excellent drum performance, serviceability, reliability and a safe, comfortable and productive environment for the operator.

Our concrete boom pumps are a smart investment with quick setup, high uptime, and high resale value. They let you complete jobs faster and with superior results. We are committed to engineer today’s concrete pumping solutions.

Our control system, closed-loop Free Flow Hydraulics, and innovative boom design ensure smooth pumping and consistent concrete flow, while reducing boom bounce for precise control.

When you have tough jobs in front of you, it’s good to have our products beside you.

 Our Transit Mixers are strong well – designed piece of equipment meant for transporting concrete / mortar from concrete batching plant directly to the place where it is to be poured. These have wide range of applications specially for mass concreting works like Construction of Canals, Bridges, Highways, Dams, Multistoried & Industrial Buildings, Factories, Airports and for Ready Mixed Concrete Works (R.M.C.), etc.

Berkeley Technologies provides:

  • Triplex Cables
  • Main Feeder Cables
  • Panel Feed Cables
  • Non-Metallic Sheathed Cables
  • Metallic Sheathed Cables
  • Single Strand Cables
  • Underground Feeder Cables
  • Multi-Conductor Cables
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Un-Shielded Twisted Pair Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Direct-Buried Cables
  • Twin-Lead Cables
  • Twinaxial Cables
  • Paired Cables
  • Twisted Pair Cables

We provide HT Panels to industries both for internal and external use to withstand different climatic conditions. Our HT panels are designed to work with low electricity consumption that makes them cost effective.

Whenever failure is not an option, an uninterrupted power supply is the answer. Whether you just need a few minutes to save your work and shut down your PC, or extended backup time for high amperage manufacturing processes, we have the right UPS for you. We offer point-of-use, DIN rail mount, rack mount, tower and cabinet installed solutions for every application.

We provide LT Panels to industries both for internal and external use to withstand different climatic conditions. Our LT panels are designed to work with low electricity consumption that makes them cost effective.


On-site electricity for all operators, trade or leisure, who need a reliable source of power but don’t have ready access to the main supplies or inconsistent main supplies. Power engine drive means reliability with economy & and ease.

The company engages in the best generator services, specially in the field of sale, after sale, maintenance and annual contract. We have trained and experience staff who are ever ready to provide their expert support to our customers.


We have a wide variety of long life, non-consumable renewable energy products:

  • Pre-engineered, assembled and tested Solar Electric Power Systems (Grid-tie, Grid-tie with back-up power, Stand-Alone and Stand-Alone Hybrid Diesel and Wind Generation)
  • Energy efficient, long life LED lighting fixtures
  • Solar and wind powered LED street lights and highway light standards
  • Waste and water treatment systems
  • Solar electric water pumping systems
  • Solar thermal domestic and commercial water heating systems
  • Solar thermal domestic and commercial heating systems
  • Solar refrigeration and cooling systems
  • Building integrated photovoltaic power and preheating systems
  • LED sign and Billboard lighting systems
  • LED Traffic and Airport lighting systems
  • Wind Generators, grid-tied and stand-alone power systems

Switchgear is the combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. We supply high quality Switchgears including:

  • HT Switchgears
  • LT Switchgears
  • Circuit Protection Systems
  • Control Panels along with Bus Duct

With our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, we deliver value and reliability with our every product.

We provide:

  • Core Type Transformers
  • Shell Type Transformers
    • Step up transformers
    • Step down transformers
    • Single phase transformers
    • Three phase transformers
    • Power transformers
    • Distribution transformers
    • Instrument transformers
    • Oil-filled self cooled transformers
    • Oil-filled water cooled transformers
    • Air blast transformers

We specialize in the supply of quality earthmoving and road construction equipment. We provide:

  • Crawler Excavators
  • Crawler Loaders
  • Crawler Tractor/Bulldozers
  • Wheeled Excavators
  • Wheel Loaders

We provide CNC machines know for accuracy, long life, dependability, and high productivity. The advanced design of our machines provide high axial-thrust capability, yet generates minimal heat.

We provide:

  • Router
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Milling Machine
  • Lathe
  • CNC Laser Cutter
  • 3D Printer (industrial, sintered metal)
  • Mill-turn multiaxis machines
  • Surface grinder
  • Tool & cutter grinder
  • Multiaxis machines and specialty machines

We believe in providing engines that run on a variety of fuels so customers can choose the one that best fits their sustainability goals.

Our solutions are designed to improve your performance and productivity and our products are with innovation and engineering excellence.

We provide heavy duty generators for different usage ranging from large buildings to industrial power solutions, field construction to oil fields and commercial ware houses to telecom installations. Our highly experienced professionals with advanced testing equipment ensures uninterrupted power supply. Our products range from 100KW to 2400KW.

We are leading suppliers of industrial turbines with a comprehensive range of products and services. Our turbines cover range of 1-160 MW. The possible applications include:

  • Waste-to-Energy (WtE)
  • Biomass / Pulp & Paper
  • Iron & Steel
  • Combinded Cycle (CC)
  • Fertilizer
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)
  • Ethylene
  • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)
  • Gasification / Air Separation Units (ASU)
  • Refineries and others
  • Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and others


We supply the mining and tunneling industries with new and quality rebuilt underground equipment. We specialize in rail mounted equipment and have a large range of diesel, battery and trolley locomotives. In addition to locomotives, we also have a large range of rolling equipment such as muck cars, flat cars and mantrips. Additionally, we offer a full range of new rolling stock components such as wheel / axle sets and couplers.

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